LPS60-T Vertical bandsaw

The small block specialist

The LPS60-T from BEHRINGER is a compact vertical bandsaw with invaluable uses primarily in the fields of tool making and test cutting.

As flexible as your needs
The longitudinal plate saw LPS60-T from BEHRINGER is a true specialist in its field. It is particularly suited for sawing small, compact parts and short offcuts of the kind required in toolmaking shops. The LPS60-T also makes fast, neat work of test cuts and notching operations in materials with difficult machining properties.  

Traversable material table
Making all this possible is a traversable table which allows the rapid positioning, alignment and clamping of workpieces. The material table is fitted with T-slots over its entire length, allowing even awkwardly shaped workpieces to be securely held in place by the flexible use of clamping fixtures.  

Precision and speed
The LPS60-T is able to cut even materials with different machining properties with the utmost precision without compromising on speed. This is made possible by a durable design in combination with vibration-damping grey cast iron components. Saw feed is performed here by a ball screw with servo drive and the sensitive BEHRINGER cutting pressure control system.

Technical Data

Cutting heightCutting
Material support-
LPS60-T720600 / optional 850 / 105012601050