WIMO Hebetechnik GmbH

”We are your specialists for the development and manufacturing of innovative load bearing equipment for lifting, turning, transporting and storing goods of all types."

Designers and manufacturers of devices that are suitable for lifting, turning, transporting and storing goods. Our team offers you custom-made solutions for rationalising your material.

We offer custom-made solutions from a single supplier that meet market demands and allow you to optimize the flow of materials at your company.
Our product portfolio includes coil hooks, coil tongs, grippers, parallelogramm coil tongs, sheet metal – and pallet tongs, universal tongs, work-roll- and back-up roll tongs, slab- and ingot tongs, bundle- and long load tongs, paper rolls tongs, pressing tool tongs, annealing hoods and large ring tongs, tongs for transporting frames containing glass, special heavy-duty spreaders, hook blocks, turning devices, coil containers, industrial units, additional features.

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