BEHRINGER Horisontell Bansåg HBE320-523 3D

Horizontal Bandsaw HBE320-523 3D

Optimum cutting results through precision and flexibility

The horizontal bandsaw HBE320-523 3D is designed for sawing 3D printing plates in different sizes up to 520 x 300 mm. The individual production of the work holding according to customer requirements offers a high degree of flexibility when sawing 3D printing plates in different sizes and shapes. The zero-point stop system with alignment to the printing plate simplifies set-up operation and reduces sources of error. The fixture of the 3D saw is movable, ensuring easy loading and handling.

In order to optimally adapt the sawing system to the specific process, BEHRINGER offers various options such as a machine housing with extraction option, minimum quantity lubrication as well as individual clamping options according to customer requirements.


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HBE320-523 3D
Kapkapacitet 90° runt (mm) : 320
Kapkapacitet 90° platt B x H (mm) : 520 x 320