EBNER HOTFORM Multi-level Batch-type Furnace for Aluminum Blanks

varmformning av aluminiumämnen


HOTFORM Multi-level batch-type furnace for blanks.

As a material, aluminum combines low weight with high strength. Hot formed aluminum components are being used more and more often in the automotive and aerospace industries, in order to create complex shapes with just one processing step.

EBNER is proving its reputation as the most competitive and innovative full solution provider with another innovation: a heat treatment furnace for aluminum hot forming blanks for the automotive industry.

Blanks up to 1 x 2.1 m in size are arranged in two levels and heated from above and below. The blanks are removed from the furnace one by one, and placed in the hot forming press. The precision baffle system in the furnace, optimized for this application, ensures the best possible temperature uniformity and rapid heating-up rates.

The HOTFORM multi-level batch-type furnace, which conforms with the CQI-9 standard, is equipped with a powerful and efficient electric heating system.

This hot forming of the aluminum blanks permits a high degree of formability. The subsequent aging process creates high strength values in the blanks.

Technical data:

  • Alloys: AA2XXX, AA5XXX, AA6XXX, AA7XXX
  • Processing temperature: up to 560°C
  • Temperature uniformity: +/- 5°C
  • Heating system: electric heated
  • Blank dimensions:
  • Thickness: 1 – 5 mm
  • Width: up to 1000 mm
  • Length: up to 2100 mm


Varmformning av aluminiumämnen

Varmformning av aluminiumämnen