EBNER HICON Roller-hearth Furnaces for Aluminum Plate and Sheet

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HICON roller-hearth furnaces for plate and sheet.

Heat treatment processes for the manufacture of aerospace materials and aluminum materials in the automotive industry need to be able to handle a wide range of alloys cost-effectively.

Today, larger production quantities are heat treated exclusively in roller-hearth furnaces. Depending on the range of alloys and the quantity of materials to be processed, these facilities may be designed as continuous or semi-continuous furnaces for recrystallizing, tempering and solution heat treating with a quench immediately downstream of the furnace. In some cases the facility can be used for aging.

HICON roller-hearth furnaces are distinguished by the following features:

  • Rapid, even temperature distribution due to the symmetrical transfer of heat to the plate
  • Special brush rolls employed in the furnace to prevent damage to the surface of the plate
  • Multiple, individually-adjustable heating control groups in each furnace zone guarantee precise temperatures
  • The EBNER SmartQuench prevents premature cooling and minimizes any potential deformation of the plates during sensitive quenching processes

The facility is implemented to comply with the standards required by the automotive and aerospace industry. These standards are primarily AMS 2750 (SAE Aerospace) in the aircraft industry and CQI-9 (AIAG) for the automotive industry.


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