LANKHORST RollStop system

Developed back in 2005, today already our most popular coil storage system chosen by all major steel companies world wide. It is a turn-key storage system offering maximum flexibility and maximum safety. Coils may be stored up to three levels. The KLP® Roll Stop System consists of four simple components: rail, connector, spacer and RollStop - this allows a very simple installation on-site.

The interlocking system consists of a reinforced rail with notches on which the KLP® RollStops can be positioned. The distance between the plastic RollStops may vary depending on coil diameter. One size fits all! An extensive installation manual will guide you through the installation of the system on-site.

Why use KLP® RollStops System in your warehouse?

  • One supplier for the complete system (turn-key)
  • No steel profiles needed
  • No special installation equipment needed
  • Fast and easy installation - two men can do the job
  • Easy three level stacking
  • Flexible for coil diameter and width
  • Improved safety for personnel (TÜV-approved)
  • Less damage to your precious coils
  • Splinter proof
  • Long life time
  • Enormous load bearing capacity
  • No oil absorption