SLF Paint spraying booths

SLF färgsprutningsbås, målningsbås - specialtillverkade för högkvalitativ målning



Our paint spraying booths, either equipped with floor or side wall extraction unit and complete or sectional vertical ventilation, offer you everything you need for a high-quality coating of your workpieces.

On request, we implement conveyor technique, lifting platforms or application technique in your paint spraying booth. In addition, we deliver ventilation components and other equipment for paint mixing or paint storage rooms.

Reduction of operating and maintenance costs to a minimum

Thanks to our sectional ventilation system reducing the electrical and thermal energy huge savings can be made on operating costs. That means fresh air and exhaust air is supplied and extracted within the currently active painting area.

Maintenance costs of our paint spraying booths are considerably reduced by using our first filter stage with impact separators as well as the so-called quick clean system.

Individual system concept according to your requirements

Each of our paint spraying booths is adapted to 100% to your individual requirements. Whether you wish to integrate conveyor technique, separate a booth area with a roll-up door or implement lifting platforms in your booth – we always find the perfect solution!


Målning, Spraymålningsbås, Spraymålning, Spraybås för målning
Paint spraying booths with working hour counters and floor extraction system

Målning, Spraymålningsbås, Spraymålning, Spraybås för målning
Movable paint spraying booths with sidewall extraction and three docking stations

Målning, Spraymålningsbås, Spraymålning, Spraybås för målning
Combined paint spraying and drying booth for containers