LANKHORST Slitcoilcarriers

In close co-operation with several European steel service centres, Lankhorst has developed a one-piece plastic Slitcoilcarrier; an innovative alternative for the transport of slit coils 'eye-to-the-sky'. Many European service centres are constantly searching for cost savings in their logistics.

When pallets are used in a return-system, these costs can easily be reduced by implementing our KLP® Slitcoilcarriers: after a few return-trips it will be cost saving. Besides the logistical advantages, the Slitcoilcarriers also offers the well known advantages of plastic: less damage, less corrosion, improved safety.


Advantages of KLP® Slitcoilcarriers are:

  • A pallet in-one-piece without nails (type A)
  • Wide range of coil diameters
  • Load bearing capacity 15 tons
  • Wide and high fork lift entries
  • Improved safety during handling
  • No splinters - less damage
  • No moisture - no corrosion
  • Larger bearing surface - less damage
  • Cost saving through a long lifetime





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Lankhorst Slitcoilcarrier "A" 100 x 84 x 18 cm

Diameter coils: 900-1250 mm
Maximum load: 15 tons
Weight: 20 kg

Lankhorst Slitcoilcarrier "B" 140 x 113 x 18 cm

Diameter coils: 700-1700 mm
Maximum load: 15 tons
Weight: 25 kg