Hot Rolling Mill

Temperature monitoring iron to steel

Hot Rolling Mill

Temperature measurements are vital throughout the process to ensure product quality, uniformity, and increase production yields.

Accurate non-contact temperature measurements are made after the descaler, at the roughing and finishing stands and after the laminar cooling section before the coiler. The use of Landscan process thermal imagers enables the customer to verify and control the overall edge to edge temperature uniformity. By ensuring an even temperature balance across the strip you ensure uniform grain size and prevent camber issues. The use of Landscan after the laminar cooling section allows for advanced cooling control methods like edge masking to be implemented. Sophisticated and rugged Understrip pyrometers provide high quality temperature measurements when the top side of the strip may be obscured by black water. AMETEK Land manufactures and supplies a complete range of non-contact temperature measuring systems designed specifically for hot metal rolling applications all over the world. All are designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability, to ensure accurate results in the harsh operating conditions of the hot mill.



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